Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Why Star Trek is good for TV

A recent Digital Spy article relays the thoughts of Ronald D. Moore on a return to television of the Star Trek franchise, outlining specifically why Star Trek is good for Television.

He states that the movie experience is usually a high stakes action romp and typically focuses on the Captain and one 'other character'. Meanwhile a television series allows a variety of story types and character focus, such as an examination of minor characters.

I think this concept is key. Certainly one of the most exciting elements of Moore's re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica is the you see a whole spectrum of characters from Admirals to Pilots to civilians with bit-part and smaller recurring characters creating the feeling of a universe much larger than the one you are seeing on the screen. The Next Generation had Miles, Keiko & Molly O'Brien adding a touch of recurring colour. Also Lwaxana Troi. Mr Mott? Deep Space Nine did a much grander job establishing a mammoth retinue of regular characters who often stole the show specifically Garak, Morn and particularly Quark's extended family. The Voyager crew expanded a little with the addition of the Borg Children. This Pitch is going to outline an expansive cast.

Regarding the action element I certainly enjoy the reboot Star Trek films they do have a certain StarWarsification (neologism) to them. I'm linking to the Red Letter Media YouTube review of Star Trek into Darkness which aside form being typically funny makes one very good point: There needs to be a little more science-fiction in these new films. It's not just action and peril which capture our interest - excitement can be derived when the the imagination is inspired by exploration, discovery and new ways of looking at the world. These things can be captured in a television in the moments between action, particularly in bottle episodes. There is a place for homage and explosions but this Pitch intends to expand upon Science-Fiction.

Finally Mr Moore claims he doesn't have a 'great new Star Trek idea' and will have to wait for his next brainwave before he can consider participating in a franchise extension. Ron, If you're struggling for ideas, keep an eye on this Blog. The next big Star Trek franchise is in hand.

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