Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Back Story/ Storyline

The society which exists aboard the star hulk Kostoglotov is a multi-species colony which was intended to inhabit the class M world named Harbour. Upon arrival at their destination system they discovered the planet had been purposely rendered uninhabitable by an unknown force. Unable to travel back to the galactic hub due to the effects of warp drive use, the crew of the Kostoglotov are forced to adapt their vessel for permanent habitation adding smaller vessels to their massive hull in order to reroute systems or repair damage and scavenging resources from the Harbour system worlds.

After several Generations (approx. 200 years) alone in Harbour system and at a crucial depletion of resources, the crew of the Kostoglotovdiscover a vessel adrift at the Warp borders which is capable of crossing the intergalactic depths. They have no idea where the vessel came from or what became of the crew, but they realise that they can use the vessel to navigate back to the galactic hubworlds. Unfortunately due to it's small size they cannot relocate the vast society of the Kostoglotov onto this new craft. However with it they can tow the Kostoglotov through the warp breaches and with a small crew on the new ship explore the path they are taking before they reach it.

This series will follow the exploits of the crew & society of the Kostoglotov as they travel though the Warp breaches that have devastated the Star Trek galaxy. There will be scope to focus on domestic/ resource issues and the civilian aspect of running a vast, contained and multicultural society which is based on Federation/Starfleet principles. The premise will also allow for exploration, sci-fi, and action adventure stories utilising the vessel which can cross Warp breaches - A technological ability which the rest of the Star Trek galaxy does not possess. 

Obviously all the names and premises are subject to changes at my whim/ If I think of something better.

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