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Resistance is Fruitless

Oh Borg!

The evolution of the Borg in a galaxy where Warp breaches have rendered long distance space travel and communication impossible.

The effect of isolation upon a species reliant on a constant, long distance telepathic hive-mind communication to maintain uniformity and share information is devastating.  We have seen in several episodes that, when left in isolation for long periods of time, the Borg become unstable and lose their collective unity (See TNG ‘I, Borg’ and VOY ‘Survival Instinct’ & ‘Unity’). Due to Warp breaches Borg Hive-worlds and space stations become totally isolated. Drones cannot cope home alone.

The Warp breaches destroyed the Borg. Explode! The majority of Drones ceased to function as the Warp breaches restricted their ability to connect to the Hive mind. Without constant information updates and Hive support most Drones lost purpose and without this direction they simply cease to function. They remain frozen in their final actions as the code that drives them fails to update. Their upright carcasses are plundered for small aspects of bio-technology by those with enough daring to entire the powered down Borg domains and walk through the standing graveyard. The Borg as we know them cease to exist and two new Borg factions have arisen from this obliteration.

The Fully Organic Borg 
Taking a cue of from Species 8472, one isolated Borg faction eschewed their failing technology and embraced a fully organic mode of being. They operate more typically like an insect hive mind, utilising subtle chemical and biological signals to send messages and maintain uniformity. They still assimilate, injecting unfortunate host bodies with a potent cocktail of genetically modified viruses and bacteria, an array of parasites which modify the host and fast growing fungi. These act quickly (5-10 mins) to mutate the carrier into a Drone which has all the capabilities and motivations of its infector. These Borg are genuinely infectious and are spreading at a slow though insidious rate. The Borg are dangerous again.

These Borg are slightly more uniform in appearance than the original Borg species. Individual appearance obviously differs based on the original species of the host and also the extent to which the cocktail of genetic modifiers take effect. This means that the genetic identity of the host has an impact on how the Borg look and act, so occasionally an infected individual will improve the Borg design. This evolution is used to further develop the species, relegating the current Borg to second tier status.

This faction uses organic space craft to travel system to system. They have no transportation ability. They travel off planet via vast organic matter strands/capillaries which stretch from the surface of the planet into orbit like enormous tendrils. Their Starships are constructed from the humanoid bodies of the second tier Borg after the have been superseded by the next organic upgrades.

The Individuals
A Borg separatist movement which has re-engaged with a portion of their individuality. Each ‘individual’ comprises of a small group of 5-7 Borg Drones which forms a mini-collective. They are more typical of original Borg Drones in that they have a collective consciousness albeit much smaller and idiosyncratic than the super-massive original Collective. They continue to modify organic material with technology though they only do so to replace or upgrade a member of their group. Also, instead of assimilating every being they come across, they are quite selective about whom they will admit into their collective with many people volunteering to join their ranks for a chance to sample collective immortality. They are Borg which can be reasoned with and are often handled as if dealing with a business or a small family.

These Borg are more reminiscent of the original Drones however they are more Industrial in appearance. Each member has a speciality e.g. transportation, shielding, telecommunications, regeneration, maintenance or public relations although there are many different variations and combinations. Each Individual collective contains as much technology as a small shuttle and consequently they often appear less organic e.g. some will have had their heads removed and replaced with satellite technology (of course using their siblings eyes and ears to see and hear), others will roll on tracks or treads in order to carry large amounts of technology as part of their person (I imagine a scene where a large ‘Borg Tank’ is opened up for repairs and the mechanic discovers the missing head of the satellite colleague to be fully wired in).

There you have it. Two different concepts for terrifying industrial pandemic of the future Borg. More images as they develop.

Obvious Borg episode concept titles:

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