Friday, 7 February 2014

The Galactic/Temporal Setting

This series will be set much further in the future than the previous Star Trek franchises. The first series of The Next Generation is set in the 24th Century (1stseries TNG set in 2364 with Nemesis being set in 2379). This series will be set in the 27th Century. The year 2664 is an era where the Federation has crumbled due to the wholesale cessation of interstellar travel. It is now impossible to travel to even nearby stars. Solar systems are isolated from one another, bringing an end to trade and communications between worlds and species. It is no longer possible to establish or maintain an interstellar community. It is only possible to reach a location if you can travel there at sub-light speed. Solar Systems return to their individual systems of government and manage their own limited resources.

In the TNG episode ‘Force of Nature’ it was established that use of Warp drive damages subspace. In this series it will be established that, over time, the regular use of Warp drive has destroyed the fabric of subspace, particularly around heavily populated planets or well established trade or travel routes. The fabric of reality is now torn. Any attempt at moving at light speeds results not in destruction but in breaching the barrier of this reality. This means that the use of Warp drive begins shipping people out of reality and into other realms – equally opening the gateway for passengers from other realms to travel to this universe. However the transit is totally random with no way of ensuring where one will end up and there is certainly no way to return. To travel at Warp speed is to erase yourself from this reality and become utterly lost (see TNG Parallels).

This series will focus on the residents of a mixed species colony world who discover a ship which can safely travel at Warp speed. The show will follow their journey as they re-discover old worlds and species which had previously formed the United Federation of Planets and the familiar species of the Star Trek universe and simultaneously discover new species and new worlds (new life and new civilisations….), facing hitherto unknown threats, ideas and scenarios, whilst combatting old and new enemies who have also evolved in the face of this altered galaxy.

Check out this awesome Trek series timeline which compares the actual production dates to events in the future events dates. It was originally created by Jeroen Kools can be found here.

NB. Yeah, TNG, DS9 and VOY tended to Bunch around the mid-late 24th Century. In EnterpriseCrewman Daniels is from the 31st Century, so I’m hoping at some point we re-establish a Federation!

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