Saturday, 8 February 2014

Why Post Federation?

Why set a series of Star Trek post Federation? Part of the enduring appeal of Trek is the connection something much bigger than ourselves, that we have established a peaceful interstellar community with a degree of power and influence across galactic affairs. I think that concept served the show very well, but this is a new series with new concepts.

By reducing the Federation we provide an even greater level of threat to our crew. They are not just exploring new worlds, they are exploring old worlds many of which will have experienced a type of apocalypse or fall of civilisation due to the impact of the the Warp embargo. The crew will need wits and knowledge in order to establish diplomatic relations with species which have been out of contact for hundreds of years. This Pitch will outline a much more Frontier driven experience. Merely going on the journey places the crew in jeopardy. Life is tough therefore the stakes must be high. Food, fuel and technology are rare and fading commodities - now obviously their are parallels to Voyager here and also Whedon's Firefly, even the cowboy feel of Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope. I want to make Star Trek a bit dirty.

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