Sunday, 27 May 2012

#3 Choose Your Own Adventure

Clog #3 Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA to those in the know). An homage to the Fighting Fantasy Books of my youth, mingled with a tinge of regret that I have never actually played through a proper game of D&D. 

Instructions: You don't need a dice, the whole thing is text based. Keep a pen handy to note down any items you find along the way and to record your skill and stamina scores. Remember: there are several ways to play through this strip and multiple endings, so the fun keeps on going!

I also made the size super massive.


  1. Ha! Loved this one and the bigger text is much better. Was this used in Matt Madden's version at all?

  2. Nope It's all my own! And Steve Jackson's and Ian Livingstone's and the Dungeonmaster's.

    Thanks for commenting. But you are my wife so I'm not sure it counts.